Food Security 

Alberta Food Security Inc. is committed to ensuring affordable and quality produce is available year-round without fear of shortages or rapid inflation hurting families.

We set up entrepreneurs with the equipment, tools, and systems they need to be hyper-local farmers in any under-utilized real estate.

Grow anything, anywhere, year round.

Grow Anywhere -Utilize Your Space

Unlike other CEA systems (Controlled Environment Agriculture, like hydroponics or greenhouses), your facility does not have to be purpose-built with specialized electrical and environmental controls. Our grow modules can be placed in any vacant real estate space, whether it's supposed to be office, industrial, or retail. Maybe you have a spare heated barn, or abandoned school or church. Our systems work anywhere there is power, heat, and an internet connection.

Our systems are modular. Do you only have 1500 square feet? You can buy 15 of them. Do you have 9500 square feet? You can place and run up to 95 of our systems in that space. Can't afford to fill your space entirely in the beginning? Our system is scalable, you can add more vertical farms as your business and success grows. 

Experience the Efficiency of Vertical Farming

Our vertical farming system are more efficient compared to both traditional farming, as well as other greenhouse and hydroponic systems.

Compared to traditional farming, our system takes up 90% LESS space and 90% LESS water while creating almost zero CO2 emissions like traditional farm equipment produces.

Compared to other greenhouse / hydroponics / vertical farm operations (CEA - Controlled Environment Agriculture), we have solved the efficiency issues from both a capital and operating cost perspective.

On the Capital Cost side, most CEA systems require specialized buildings with purpose-built plumbing, HVAC, and electrical infrastructure. With Alberta Food Security, you can use existing vacant buildings (office, retail, industrial, schools, barns, etc), with their existing plumbing, electrical, and HVAC infrastructure to operate our systems.

Regarding Operation Costs, utilizing Alberta designed, sourced, and produced technologies, we have brought the energy consumption of our grow modules down to unheard of levels. Each grow module uses only 800 Watts, less than most household microwaves! No other CEA system comes close. 

A Few Of The Many Use Cases As A Grow Operator

A) Independent Grower / Farmer: Grow what you want, sell to whomever you want.

B) Grocery Stores: Grow your own produce;

C) Restaurants: Worried about fluctuating prices, quality and availability? Grow your own.

D) Hotels: Want fresh produce for your restaurants? Grow your own.

E) Existing food manufacturers: Do you produce your own pickles, hot sauces or spice blends? Grow your raw ingredients.

F) Grow Seeds.

G) Use your imagination. Grow your great entrepreneurial idea here!​​ 

Traditional Agriculture vs AFSI

  • Land
  • Space
  • Water
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Diesel Fuel
  • CO2
  • Growth & Harvest Time
  • Seasonality
  • Quality Consistency
  • Production Consistency
Traditional Agriculture
  • 1,000's of acres required in rural areas
  • Outdoors, 1,000's of acres
  • Lots, mostly wasted
  • Lots of chemicals, lots of waste
  • Lots required, lots of waste
  • Diesel for plowing/planting/harvesting
  • Diesel used for farm as well as transport of crop
  • 2 crops max per year
  • Products during a few months of the year
  • Highly variable according to the weather
  • Highly variable according to the weather
Alberta Food Security Inc.
  • Use existing buildings in urban or rural locations
  • Indoors, in ANY building. 8X the crop density of land
  • Very little (95% less), reused
  • None required
  • Specific, dosed nutrient mix. No waste.
  • No tractors required
  • Crop is local, little need for transport
  • Up to 10 Crops per year
  • Produces crops all year long, in all 4 seasons
  • Highly consistent due to controlled environment
  • Highly consistent due to controlled environment